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Flowers of Kalmia
photo: Dr. Karl-Heinz Hübbers

Kalmia are mainly evergreen shrubs that are native to the North American continent. Kalmia angustifolia is also known in some places in the wild in Europe.
The genus includes 7 species according to the latest botanical classification. It belongs to the scientific family Ericaceae.
Kalmia is named by Carl von Linné after the Finnish-Swedish botanist Pehr Kalm, who collected it in eastern North America.
Goal of the European Kalmia Society is to make the genus Kalmia more popular, support hybridizing, production and spreading of Kalmia species and cultivars.
Special Features
Hybridizing of Kalmia cultivars is still a great challenge. The pollination is quite specific. This video shows how the flower releases the pollen immediately after the slightest touch. It was produced by Dipl.-Biol. Axel Hinnemann as scientific assistant and technical head of the Centre of Microscopy (Prof. Dr. Kerstin Koch) with the support of Prof. Dr. Peter Scholz (Vice- President for Research and Development)
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